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HiddenMind -New Insights Into Dealing With Stress

HiddenMind was founded by myself Tom griffin to bring advanced energetic healing methods to the modern world and a new interpretation of the mind body connection. The mind body could also be likened to the energy body connection. HiddenMind is an energetic approach to healing which is comprised of bio-energy therapy and secondly the investigative and corrective sound protocol. With almost thirty years of experience as a practitioner and teacher of energetic practices I have synthesised my life’s work into these two modalities. I realise that continuous research and upgrading is required to meet the demands of the modern client. A positive aspect to consider in recent times is the emerging amount of scientific data emerging from mainstream science adding weight to the phycosoma association such as Prof. Bruce Lipton and Dr.John Sarno.


I would like to elaborate on some aspects of healing that we deal with in our clinics on a daily basis, namely Stress. This word Stress is such a common word used nowadays to describe people’s symptoms such as low energy, lack of drive, pains and aches, anxiety, and even depression. Clients who attend our clinics who describe themselves as stressed out are not in a good place and have a severe sense of desperation and are often on the verge of suicide.

I start the session by asking the client if they only had todays stress to deal with how do think they would cope. They think for a minute and usually say that that would be very manageable. I explain to them that everything that’s happening to them on a daily basis is constantly triggering and highlighting all the unprocessed stressful events in the past and even the smallest stressful event can trigger an avalanche of negative emotional states causing a huge sense of overwhelm. This in turn can trigger a huge bio-chemical stress hormonal response producing excess amounts of adrenalin, epinephrin and cortisoids. This in turn can trigger muscle spasm, stomach spasm, connective tissue pain, increased blood pressure, cravings, addictions and desperately looking for some comfort be it food, alcohol, drugs, co-dependence, excessive physical exercise or medically prescribed anti-anxiety or antidepressant drugs. Interesting to note here is that if clients have been previously diagnosed with diseases such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic inflammatory diseases, their symptoms can be exxacerbated and amplified in times of intense stress. There is no scientific explanation for this so it is important to look at the mind body connection.

First let’s have a look at a recent mainstream view of a connection between stress and disease. I should also point out that up until recently mainstream science was very reluctant to recognise the mind body connection. Recently in the Irish Independent there was a heading “Scientists now know how stress causes heart attacks”. Their argument was that the Amygdala which is a cluster of neuronal stress sensors behind the pre-frontal cortex in the brain becomes overcharged or over stimulated and dramatically increases the production of white blood cells in the bone marrow to a point where they flood into the blood stream, clogs up the arteries and causes heart attacks and strokes. Well at least that’s a start in recognising that stress can cause disease. I would like to add some insights as to why and how the Amygdala or neuronal stress sensors may become over charged in the first place. Here I refer to Prof. Bruce Lipton and his amazing research into epigenetics. He says that everything in our environment is filtered through a “Field“ around the body and further through a field around the DNA in the cell wall. When this filtered information reaches the DNA the brain sends down neuropeptides to decipher if this received information can be harmful for the body and mind or is of positive benefit to the body and mind. If the neuropeptides decide that this information is harmful the chemistry of the DNA changes and the stress hormones are activated to a flight/fright fear scenario. I think this is the precursor to the Amydala becoming over charged but the mainstream scientists in this article have not made any association with epigenetics as a contributing factor. If they did they would have to recognise the existence of a “Field” around the body which is similar to the Bio-energy fields. These bio-fields act as transmitters and receivers of information from the environment to the physical body and vice versa. These fields apart from containing blueprint information for the physical body contain ongoing data as a result of every seconds interaction with the environment and this data is conveyed to organs and cells via meridians and chakras. Also data from the cells and organs is emanated to the fields through the meridians and chakras. This is why bio-energy therapy involves manipulation of these energy fields with specific hand movements with the purpose of releasing and transmitting information between the field and the physical body. When there is an accumulation of negative data that the body wants detached from the body it presents itself as an energy blockage in the field. Hiddenmind Bio-energy therapists have developed the extra sensitivity ability along with certain hand techniques to clear energy blockages and balance the field. Touch therapy is also used to provoke the immune system by transferring bio plasma to the blood via placing the hands over the heart on the front and back of the body distributing this energy to the whole body through the bloodstream. Touch therapy also draws sick energy from the physical body to the field where it can be drawn away from the body and neutralised in the energy ocean outside the persons immediate energy fields. The energy fields can also carry positive vibrations from the therapist to the client which can increase the rate of healing. This is called psychokinesis and is the developed ability of the therapist to project energy to the clients field at a distance and can move and bend the client as the energy is being absorbed by the clients energy field .This interaction also shows that our thoughts and emotions can directly effect another persons energy.

If the fields are broken down or depleted through shock or continuous stress be it emotional, physical, environmental or geopathic and cannot filter out information the life force can become severely depleted if these negative stresses are prolonged over a period of time. Depletion of the fields can also be a cause of a client experiencing constant negative chatter as the body cannot process information from the environment and cannot release the spent or unprocessed energy. Interesting to note the late Dr. Valerie Hunt, author of Infinite Mind stated that before any shock or trauma is registered by the brain or nervous system the energy fields collapse first thereby lowering the frequency of the fields.

When people are in a severe state of stress their life force energy can be as low as twenty five to thirty percent and some organs can be even lower. This means that they cannot function above that percentage of their ability. Usually at this stage they are functioning on adrenal until it becomes depleted and they end up with chronic fatigue. In this low energy state a client is more prone to picking up viruses and bacterial infections and finds it difficult to fight them off because their immune systems are already depleted and this adds to their feeling of being stressed. At this stage clients can be experiencing a lot of pains, aches, back and neck pain and a host of other inflammatory conditions aggravated by the stress but this may not be the full cause. DR,JOHN SARNO in his book “The Divided Mind”suggests that repressed negative emotions such as rage and anger can be the source of Fibromyalgia, lower and upper back pain ,neck pain, stomach problems, hypertension and peripheral neuropathy among others. This buried rage can be in the past or ongoing at the moment. His explanation is that the subconscious mind supresses these negative emotions not allowing them to enter the conscious mind as they would be too overwhelming to confront so instructs the brain to create a distraction by creating pain in the physical body creating the symptoms and diseases mentioned. The mechanism that the brain uses is called ischema which is a depletion of blood and oxygen to nerves and muscles. One interesting point made by DR.Sarno was that if symptoms were made to feel worse or aggravated during times of stress then there was definitely a psychosomatic association. He says there is no scientific or medical explanation to explain this phenomena and he called this process T.M.S. which is tension myositis syndrome. Dr.Sarno used phycotherapy to treat his patients with T.M.S. But only a small number of his clients would admit to having T.M.S. and would be willing to succumb to his lectures of explanation of the process and psychotherapy. For those that did he claimed very good results. I am very grateful to Dr. John Sarno, Prof. Bruce Lipton, and Dr. Valerie Hunt for their insights into the mind body connections and the scientific data they accumulated.

Within the HiddenMind protocol we can employ another set of procedures that can assist the bio- energy process and this is the Investigative and Corrective sound protocol. This protocol works by investigating the subconscious mind with a series of statements and the use of a pendulum to get answers. This process unearths the deeper energetic causes of diseases and symptoms and determines the different features of a person’s stress. For instance there can be negative downloads from ancestors through bloodline. There can be lack of brain integration present due to birth shock. This protocol can determine the life force of each organ individually. It can determine times and dates of traumas, emotional or otherwise. It can separate what is recent and what is in the past. It can determine the type of emotion whether it be rage, anger or any number of negative emotions. It can indicate if the client is negatively affected by other people, either family members or work colleagues causing a feeling of being drained or depleted. It can indicate times, dates, categories of energetic blockages. It can also indicate what percentage of symptoms are T.M.S, so this information may be brought to the attention of the client and they can be taught how to better deal with this in the future. Bringing all this information from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind has a diluting effect on these negative emotions and they can now re-enter the conscious mind and be processed. At this point the brain can be instructed to let go the need for Ischema and re-distribute blood and oxygen to the nerves and muscles for healing to take.

The special sound frequencies can now restore the energetic fields, meridians and chakras to a one hundred percent function and take this new information to the D.N.A. deleting the need for stress hormones and repairing the mind and body. These special sound frequencies are Tibetan in origin and they contain the exact harmonics of the twenty eight cardinal frequencies fourteen meridians ,seven chakras and seven energy fields. This procedure is carried out over four days in our clinics however the investigative protocol can be achieved in individual sessions. Reactions can be felt up to ten days afterwards as the sub-conscious/conscious mind and the brain are realigning and recommunicating. Any reactions felt are only the residual energies coming into the field to be fully processed. We advise our clients to repeat the process within six to eight weeks to clean any sick energy that may be deposited in the field as a result of the healing process. Sometimes a third session is required. Advice on nutrition and lifestyle are also given to the client as these can be beneficial to the healing process. HiddenMind may be your answer to stress.