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TESTIMONIALS What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

  • "In April 2013, our son Daniel (19) came down with a sudden illness and after it was investigated in the A & E in hospital it was established to be a severe viral condition which affects joints, stomach giving off a red rash. Although he received excellent care from the A & E and our GP, the fact that his illness was viral based, meant it had to run its course. We had come across the Hidden Mind while attending Bio Energy and were aware of the great results achieved by a Hidden Mind Corrective Sound treatment, so we made an appointment with Tom Griffin.When we arrived for the treatment, Tom assessed the severity of his condition, and established that a Hidden Mind treatment would benefit Daniel, and proceeded to give the treatment with Bio Energy and Corrective Sounds. To our amazement Tom was able to pin point exactly what was attacking the system, where it was in his body and how it would be treated. Tom and two others began to work on Daniel by giving him Bio Energy and Tom then proceeded to give him a Corrective Sound treatment. An hour later we left, agreeing to attend for another treatment within 3 days. On the way to the clinic, Daniel was unable to hold a conversation due to the discomfort of travelling. On the way home, he was able to hold a conversation and asked for something to eat. This was a massive turnaround as he hadn’t wanted food for days. Tom was able to tell us that he had 46 viruses attacking his system. The Corrective Sound treatment was able to kill these viruses which resulted within a week of up to a pint and a half of purple fluid being released from the rashes which had developed into what looked like swollen blisters. We got a corrective sound CD from Tom which Daniel had to listen to in order to allow these sounds get his body to continue healing itself.I can honestly say that from the moment Tom began the treatment, Daniel stopped getting worse and started his journey to recovery. Daniel received two subsequent treatments from Tom and over a 3 week period made significant improvements. He also began to put back on some weight. Within 4 weeks he was able to sit college exams.This was an amazing turnaround for Daniel. We are truly grateful for the work and interest Tom took in Daniel’s case and the healing that followed."
    E O’D

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"Unlocking our latent healing potential is the gateway to a healthier future"

Tom Griffin



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