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Therapy We Provide

HiddenMind: Bio-Energy Therapy

HiddenMind: Bio-Energy therapy is based on manipulating the life-force energy in and around the human body. It involves working on the human energy field with the hands around the body. The electro-magnetic field that surrounds every person which is often referred to as the Aura.

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HiddenMind: Investigative Corrective Sound Protocol Therapy

The HiddenMind: Investigative & corrective sound protocol which is often referred to as HiddenMind therapy is based on picking up information from a person’s subconscious mind or in other words, from the person’s own body.

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HiddenMind: Body Work Through Energy Therapy

HiddenMind: Bodywork therapy is designed to deal with spinal problems, issues with the internal organs and structural anomalies. The body grows and develops on an energetic framework it means our bodies have an energetic blueprint (1).

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Courses We Provide
Courses We Provide
  • HiddenMind: Bio-Energy
  • HiddenMind: Investigative & Corrective Sound Protocol
  • HiddenMind: Body Work through Energy

The HiddenMind programme is a culmination of thirty years of experience of practicing energy healing. Tom developed this programme based on his own clinical experience and combines aspects of many therapies including Bio-Energy, kinesiology, body work and others. The HiddenMind course will be facilitated primarily by Tom Griffin, Andrew Griffin, Avril Griffin and Annemarie English with other guest lecturers and speakers throughout the course. The HiddenMind therapy is based upon unlocking the innate healing power of the person and is unlimited in its potential to achieve harmony and balance. The HiddenMind investigative & corrective sound protocol views the human body as a naturally self-correcting system, when given the opportunity to do so. It seeks to explore and unlock the hidden potential of the human mind to restore and regenerate the entire energetic structure of the person.

Our Courses

Our Courses

HiddenMind: Instructors and Therapists

Comprehensive training and education in Energy Healing.

My name is Tom Griffin. I am the founder of the HiddenMind Institute. I have been practicing Energy Therapy and Bodywork for over thirty years. It has been my life's passion to help the people that attend my clinics to improve and maintain their health and well-being. To educate and train therapists and instructors. That they may help and inspire others. Leading us all to better health and greater fulfillment.

Tom Griffin

HiddenMind Instructor

Avril Griffin

Bio-Energy Instructor

Andrew Griffin

HiddenMind Instructor

Anne Marie English

Bio-Energy Instructor


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Why choose us ??

Why choose Our Therapy ??

Restore energy.
Get to the root cause of symptoms.

Stimulates self-healing power.
Natural & non-invasive.

Recharge the body.
Reconnect mind and body.

Achieve or return to optimal health.