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HiddenMind therapies were developed by Tom Griffin.

HiddenMind therapies were developed by Tom Griffin after thirty years’ experience practicing energy healing and other modalities such as body work, Alphabiotics, kinesiology, sound healing the Dawson program and more. Tom and Michael O’ Doherty first started practicing Bio-Energy therapy after training with Zdenko Domancic in the former Yugoslavia (Croatia) in 1987 .

Throughout the years Tom continued his studies with those practicing various methods of healing. He had the great fortune to meet and then study under Cameron Dawson in 2002.

Tom was fascinated by Cameron Dawson’s methods and the principles of healing he advocated. Primarily, of accessing the subconscious mind of a person to identify the true causes of illness and disease. And how by identifying these faults and using special sound frequencies correction to the system could be achieved.

Unfortunately, Cameron Dawson passed away shortly after Tom completed his training program. This left him with all these newly learned principles and techniques, but much of which he needed to decode.

Tom started to apply these methods with his clients, and with all his other Knowledge was able to continuously breakdown and refine his methods of healing. At this time, he realised there were great results to be achieved with those with special needs from this program, as there was very little out there to help those with special needs even through conventional healthcare. Tom saw the great potential to help these people achieve healing. This was confirmed as he treated more and more people with special needs along with his other clients suffering with all and every type of illness or condition. He found that by accessing the subconscious in combination with Bio-Energy therapy and body work he had a nearly complete system of healing that could help deal with all type of issues.



After taking a hiatus from training for a few years because of his pursuit of further study and to satisfy a demand to see clients all over Ireland and abroad, Tom felt that it was time to take his new system of healing and to teach it students. He had trained a few therapists in these new methods to assist him in his clinic and when he had taught these methods to his son Andrew and daughter Avril he decided to start teaching the HiddenMind: Investigative & Corrective Sound protocol in 2012, so that these methods could ultimately reach more people.

HiddenMind then became a brand of healing methods and a family run organization. Always with the goal of reaching more and more people and helping as many people as possible to achieve healing. The HiddenMind system has seen continuous growth with Tom, Avril, Andrew and the rest of the team of practitioners and instructors running clinics and training courses all across Ireland and in many other countries such as the UK, Poland, Germany, South Africa, Canada and Australia.

Helping those suffering from illness and disease and unfortunately the ever growing number of people suffering from conditions (many of which are preventable) such as anxiety, depression, stress, chronic fatigue, low mood, low energy, ME, special needs, autism, dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, OCD, speech problems, gut and bowel problems, IBS, Crohn’s disease, skin problems, eczema, rashes, psoriasis, infertility, painful period, endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, birth shock, traumatic birth, post-natal depression, Parkinson’s, schizophrenia, epilepsy, neurological disorders, arthritis, auto-immune disorders, Renard’s disease, Bell’s palsy, cystic-fibrosis, body pain, fibromyalgia, spinal problems, lower back, neck problems, migraines, headaches, TMJ, sciatica, sports injuries, ulcers, MS, urinary problems, circulation problems, phobia’s, insomnia, sleep problems, tinnitus, vertigo, recurring infections, low immune function, infections, viruses, bacteria, mold toxicity, allergies, asthma, lung problems, COPD, smoking, addiction, genetic disorders and many more.

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Restore energy.
Get to the root cause of symptoms.

Stimulates self-healing power.
Natural & non-invasive.

Recharge the body.
Reconnect mind and body.

Achieve or return to optimal health.