Avril Griffin

Hi, my name is Avril Griffin. I am a qualified and experienced HiddenMind therapist working for over 10 years. I work in our well established and long running clinic in Claremorris, Co Mayo with my father and mentor Tom Griffin. I also run my own monthly clinic in Germany; Cologne, Würzburg and Konstanz. I lived near Stuttgart on and off for 3 years. As a small child I always had an affinity towards people. I wanted people to feel happy and well. This also stems from our childhood where we were used to seeing clients in various states of sickness and health coming and going through our doors.

My background originally started out in beauty therapy. I have been very lucky to secure positions in exclusive high-end Spas in Ireland, the UK, Australia and New Zealand where I gained huge experience in bodywork therapies. I am a trained Pilates instructor and hold diplomas in Touch for Health levels 1-5. During my time living and working in New Zealand I began to realise I wanted and needed to help people on a different level. It was also at this time I felt calling to come back to Ireland. On my return I realised it was time to become a student again and study with my father and here I am 10 years later!

Courses by this teacher

Name Level Release Date
HiddenMind Bio-Energy Course Level 2 2020-01-01 01:59:28
HiddenMind: Bodywork through Energy Course 2020-04-20 20:20:00
HiddenMind Bio-Energy Course Level 3 2020-03-27 10:13:01
HiddenMind Investigative & Corrective Sound Protocol Course 2020-04-27 10:29:44