HiddenMind: Body Work through Energy Therapy


HiddenMind: Bodywork therapy is designed to deal with spinal problems, issues with the internal organs and structural anomalies.

The body grows and develops on an energetic framework it means our bodies have an energetic blueprint (1). This blueprint determines the positioning of every organ, gland, muscle, each part of the skeletal structure down to the very last cell. This relates to our body’s growth and healing processes; every cell is directed by the innate intelligence of the body in its movements, function, growth, reproduction and termination.

The bodywork program is carried out, in order to redirect the energy fields associated with the spinal vertebrae and specific organs back into their correct position. Enough physical shock, emotional trauma or mental overload can cause these energy fields to shift out of their correct position. When this occurs, the body must compensate. This compensation can show in the physical body to varying degrees of severity. Generally presenting as discomfort in the neck or shoulder region, a stiff back or lack of mobility, intense pain in all or in specific areas along the spine.

By using the method of dowsing, finger modes and statements it can be determined if corrections are required on spinal vertebrae, discs, nerve roots and spinal muscles. The sacrum, coccyx and pelvis are also assessed for correct structural alignment.

The reason we do this is, for example, when you correct the electromagnetic or energy field position of a vertebrae the body will magnetically pull that vertebrae back into its correct position. Because if there has been a significant enough shock, the body may not readily be able to bring the physical aspect of the vertebrae back to the correct position or it can take a long time for this to happen.

This therapy corrects the underlying energy to speed up the body’s natural healing and corrective processes. This is achieved by applying light finger pressure, two pounds or less on the relevant touch points along the spine or on the organs. The client is instructed to take deep breaths in and out as this light pressure is applied. Again, this is for the purpose of correcting the electromagnetic field of the body part you are correcting, it is not a physical manipulation.

This therapy can help in dealing with muscles and ligaments that are torn, ruptured or detached. Also, TMJ- trigeminal nerve pain, the muscles of the jaw and the cranial bones and nerves.

Organs associated with the abdominal area are also corrected if necessary. Just like the spine, organs also have an energy field surrounding them. Their position in the body is also determined by the underlying energetic framework.

Physical trauma that occurs due to operations, accidents or even childbirth can affect this subtle field. As observed through HiddenMind corrective process, if the energy field is not in the correct position this can influence the physical entity associated with it such as the vertebra or organs. For example, operations on the bowel can at times lead to it becoming more sluggish or the person experiencing undue discomfort even after a long period of time.

This therapy is carried out with clients laying fully clothed on a massage plinth.

The HiddenMind investigative & corrective sound protocol is usually used before this aspect of the therapy to obtain information relevant for the corrective process. Very light touch is applied on specific points on the back of the body during this part of the therapy.

When working on the front of the body the client’s own hand is placed on the organ requiring correction with the therapist’s hand placed on top of their own hand to ensure comfort during the treatment.

This therapy is gentle and non-invasive, many people have reported fantastic results regarding back problems, spinal issues and issues with other organs after experiencing this therapy.

Robert O. Becker, Andrew A. Marino; Electromagnetism & Life (2010)